Kristen hanging out with Joan Jett

Kristen Stewart has been spotted hanging out with rock legend Joan Jett, who she is portraying in The Runaways.
Back out for another day’s work, Kristen Stewart arrived at Coast Anabelle Hotel in Burbank for “The Runaways” on Tuesday (June 16).
There to once again meet-up with Joan Jett, Kristen has been intently studying the rock legend - whom she portrays in her new movie.
As for how Miss Stewart and Miss Jett get along - the “Twilight” actress says that she’s been a fan for a long time.
“I’ve been listening to [Jett’s] music all the time; I spent New Year’s with her,” Kristen told MTV. “I am just trying to make myself aware of the time period and what she was going through.”


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