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The 2009 MTV Movie Awards is becoming a HUGE deal, and even the producer Mark Burnett thinks it is, due to the phenomenon that is Twilight :D
Another element Burnett singled out this year as a main focus is the ascension of "Twilight" — and the exclusive trailer the stars will be bringing to the show with them.
"They're really, really important. Last year, so much of the media was like, 'Who the hell are these people? What is this thing?' Now, it's the biggest thing for the media," he grinned. "We are so lucky that Summit allowed us to show this clip."
Although Burnett remembers the "Twilight" buzz from last year's ceremony, it wasn't until recently that a family member reminded him of how huge Sunday's exclusive clip is going to be. "Here's how I judge things: I have three kids: a 12-year-old boy, a 13-year-old girl and a 15-year-old boy. At the dinner table, when it first was raised privately in my family that this ['New Moon' trailer] might happen, my daughter levitated off the dinner table," he recalled. "When she was finally able to talk about it, her entire school was buzzing. Every young girl in America is tuned in to see this.
"People love the movie, love the books. I've seen nothing like it," he said, explaining that he is also a fan. "Even when the poster was revealed it created news. I love when new things come out in America, things that touch people in a positive way. There's so much negative news ... this is positive. 'Twilight' is love. It's a forbidden love story. I love the movie, I've seen it a number of times. It's great for us."
More updates from MTV/the show:
Catherine Hardwicke believes that Kristen deserves that award for Best Female cos 'she can do anything'!
Ms. Bailey “NoMoreMarbles” Gauthier, a well-known Twilighter on YouTube, is a seat-filler for the show, and hopes to fill Rob's seat!
Shelly Morrison, the official Movie Awards Insider for MTV has viewed the New Moon trailer!!
Also, if you happen to have a case of insomnia tonight, log on to these websites: LTTNewMoonMovie, Twicrack, Lauren's Bite for LIVE coverage of the awards show!


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