Twilight DVD news!!!!!

Wa hoo!!!
Guys, listen up, and listen well. We, Malaysia, now have our own 3-Disc Deluxe Edition DVD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Here's what you get:
Disc 1:
The movie with Audio Commentary by Catherine Hardwicke, Rob, and Kristen
Disc 2:
7-part documentary
Deleted Scenes
Comic-Con Phenomenon
Extended Scenes
Music Videos - Muse, Paramore, Linkin Park
Disc 3:
Conversation with Stephenie Meyer
Becoming Edward
Becoming Bella
Vampire Kiss Montage
Edward's Piano Concert
Music: The Heartbeat of Twilight
[I got all this specs from the back of the DVD]
it's RM89.90, and it certainly looks like the US edition.
For those who ordered from me, you guys will be receving an email from me regarding your order. Check it.


  1. hi, there. i've checked my email regarding the dvd, but there's none from u :(

  2. mell , where did you bought eh ?

  3. I've been looking all over for this, end up ordering them from Borders US.. huhu
    and it hasn't reach me yet!

    where did u get urs?

  4. i got it from my local DVD store...
    the content is practically similar to the US version, really...

  5. Mell, you're awesome! I'm totally cool with you ordering from wherever. lol. as long as its got all the additional features =)

  6. OH MY GOSH!
    where did you get it?
    i'm really looking forward to buying the original DVD from the US.
    is it available at Speedy or Rock Corner?

  7. Hi Mel, was wondering if our Msian version was censored?? i.e. hot scenes by bella & Edward


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