Rob's birthday party

See, told you pictures will emerge.
Marking his special day with a Canadian party, Robert Pattinson stepped out on his 23rd birthday on Wednesday (May 13) after a long 12 hours of filming inside the studio in Vancouver.
The “Twilight” heartthrob arrived at the Global Grill and Satay bar - bringing out co-star guests including Kristen Stewart, Ashley Greene and Jamie Bower, among other cast members.
The “New Moon” group arrived around 9pm. Entering through the back door with good buddy Sam Bradley, the boys made their way to their table, where they were joined shortly after by Kristen Stewart, Ashley Greene, Jamie Bower, Rob's parents, and other cast mates and friends. 
The party noshed on platters of meat, including roast chicken, lamb ribs, and skewered meats, and their drinks of choice. Rob was gracious to all fans who approached him, and called it a night with his friends around 1 a.m., with Rob covering his face in the taxi as it sped off to his hotel for the evening.
Seriously, the paparazzis should give Rob some personal space, at least have his birthday party in peace.
Report: Celebuzz and Gossip Girls.


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