Paramore Campaign For 'Twilight' To Win Best Kiss At MTV Movie Awards

Paramore is doing some campaigning for Twilight!
It's no secret that the band — or, more specifically, frontwoman Hayley Williams — is an avowed "Twilight" nut. Since "Twilight" landed a whopping seven Movie Award noms, we figured it would be interesting to have them handicap the film's chances in one of those categories: Best Kiss.
It's a tight field, to be sure. Bella and Edward's lip-lock faces stiff competition from the likes of Angelina Jolie and James McAvoy, Freida Pinto and Dev Patel and, uh, Paul Rudd and Thomas Lennon. Since the winner will be determined by you, Williams decided to get on the stump and state her case for why the star-crossed "Twilight" smooch deserves to win the award.
"There's something really captivating about real tension between characters, or between people in general, that is exciting and more moving than pure, simple love," Williams said. "It's really interesting to watch people that aren't really supposed to feel for each other make it happen, and I think it's pretty special.
"Like, even outside of 'Twilight,' there's probably a million other stories that are very popular that have everything to do with forbidden love," she continued. "And that's the essence of 'Twilight.' And that's why I think it's so popular. There's a little twist there — he lives forever — but that kiss rules."


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