Nikki's going to Italy, but not Rosalie [UPDATED]

MTV talks to Nikki Reed, where she reveals that she's tagging along with the Volturi cast to Italy.
Twilighters know that many fan favorites will be left behind during the trip to Italy. One of the stars, however, plans to go along for the ride — even if her character won't.
"Put it this way: I am not in any of the scenes in Italy, but we've already made sure that I am going to Italy while they shoot that," Nikki Reed laughed, revealing plans to witness the Volturi firsthand. "Because I am sort of obsessed with that portion of the book."
As Twilighters know, Nikki's no-nonsense vampire Rosalie will check out of the film along with many other key characters once the Italian scenes begin. But Reed promised her fans that if you want Rosalie to be there when Alice and Bella rush to save Edward, well, she kinda will be.
"Basically [I'm just going to watch them shoot]," Reed said. "And also, it is a chance to be in Italy and pretend like it's a work [excuse]. I have to be there — because I am in the film, so it's really important that I go along."
She also reveals that the movie sticks real close to the book.
"In fact, there was a scene in a very early draft of the 'New Moon' [script] that they had invented that was not in the books," Reed revealed. "And there was a discussion, and that scene is no longer in the script.
Looks like Nikki's not heading for Italy after all. The Twilight Examiner reports.


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