Rob talks about the internet, his hair

My Park Magazine has several new articles on Rob.
He says that after surfing the net, he deletes his history.
Robert Pattinson doesn't like people to know everything about him. He wishes for a time before the internet was invented.
Rob revealed all to He said: "(The internet) feeds the worst part of your soul. When you have nothing to do and you go on, when you're too tired to read a book. "I'll read the news, you go on to the New York Times, you get bored and go on IMDb. Then you realize how pathetic you are. "I have to delete my history. It is kind of addictive, but at the same time pathetic."
He also mentions something about his hair (the always-popular topic, eh...)
Robert Pattinson can't control his hair.The New Moon actor told Glamour: "I always have weird hair: Harry Potter, this one (Twilight) and Dali."
Rob likes being able to roll out of bed and not have to fuss with his hair.He told MTV: "I don't really see the point in washing your hair.
"I have my hair for just, you know, hanging out on my head. I don't care if it's clean or not."
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