Rob and Nikki Dating Rumour: So False

E!'s Ted Casablanca says:
Life & Style is reporting that Rob is “back” with New Moon costar Nikki Reed. Apparently, the two shacked up together after a party in Vancouver, causing N.R. to catch a later-than-anticipated flight to L.A.
We’re calling total bull on this one, folks. Maybe the two cutie-pies did hang out, but we’ll put money on the fact that it was totally not Twilight-worthy heart-wrenching love stuff. After all, Nikki and Kristen are BFF’s, right?
More than one very good chum to Nik and Kris is adamantly refuting any Rob-Nikki romance. We’re told a serious relationship between N and R does not exist. “I get why people would think that. Let’s just say it’s convenient for a lot of people to pair Rob in the media up with Nikki, Natalie Portman, Paris, whoever to get the heat off him and Kristen.”


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