New Moon Vancouver Set updates

Hey guys. Sorry for disappearing for a week without updates. Anyway, here's some updates.
Finally! Rob began shooting his scenes for New Moon, while Nikki Reed leaves the set.
Nikki Reed managed to make her flight yesterday back to L.A. after spending a few days with her BFF Kristen Stewart in Vancouver and enjoying a couple of sleepovers with Robert Pattinson. Can’t blame him, she’s sexy as hell. Seems self assured – rare for someone so young. Love her. 
Rob meanwhile shot his first scenes for New Moon yesterday. That’s right. Yesterday. He had not been on set up until that point. He’s been in Vancouver, he’s had some test photos taken, and wardrobe and makeup, and training, and rehearsals, but he had not been on set. Not a single frame was filmed until yesterday. Yesterday he was on set shooting with Kristen Stewart.
Also, the location of Forks High in Vancouver has been spotted! Both New Moon Movie and Twilight Gossip has photos.


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