New Moon birthday party outfits revealed

The outfits for the birthday party scene in New Moon has been revealed.
Twifan Allie and MaliciousMandy has photos and videos of the casts' filming at The Cullen House.
We rolled up to the set tonight at around 12:30 am to find it packed with about 30 teenage girls. Some even camped out in sleeping bags, lawn chairs, etc! Wow, crazy! We knew that it would be about their “lunch time” when we got there since they were shooting overnight, and so we hoped to get some glimpses of the cast leaving in the vehicles for the catering site.
After a few blinding headlights and lots of waiting, believe it or not… yes… Rob Pattison (Edward) and Kristen Stewart (Bella) streaked by in their car.
We couldn’t see too much of the set, except that the parts of the house we could see looked quite like the one in Twilight. It was surrounded by a forest… completely lit up by the filming below. It was actually really surreal.
All thanks to NMM.


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