Michael Sheen as Aro!

The Daily Mail UK reports that the part of Aro has been cast!
In New Moon, Sheen will play Aro, the leader of an Italian vampire clan called the Volturi.
Director Chris Weitz confirmed Sheen’s casting to The Mail on Sunday and said he had ‘aggressively’ pursued the actor. 
‘Michael’s role is so important because he’s the head of all vampires,’ he said. ‘Aro is, on the surface, a very gracious and friendly vampire, but beneath that he is a tremendous threat.’
No official statement from Summit yet, though...
**source: HisGoldenEyes


  1. He's in a short called Open Door (an adaptation from Saki Munro's Open Window) play Mr. Frampton; which I'm training with my students for next month Drama Competition.
    He's also Lucian from the Underworld 3.
    Yay to this!~

  2. He's amazing in Underworld, no doubt.
    But to be the leader of vampire in NM...I'm not sure about that.
    But....ok, we shall see what Chris is trying to put off.


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