BuddyTV's Twilight Challenge: The Live Thoughts

I found this hilarious commentary by the guys over at BuddyTV. They gave their own commentary of the Twilight movie.
Some of my favs:
OOOO The Cullens! Prepare for R Patttz.
Why is she smelling herself? Also, why are they in school? Are they really old because they're vampires?
Do they have to keep repeating high school because they're all dumb?
"So, to recap... you're a vampire." -K Stew
I want Bella to try to convince them she's a vampire. That's what Buffy would do. Like “oh man I’m so thirsty for some of the ol' red, know what I mean guys? Am I right?"
Dude, Rosalie's my kind of vampire. She's all, whatever, I don't care, I'll eat her myself.
It's not really that PG-13, 'kay?...


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