Dakota Fanning Talks Twilight, New Moon

Here's a new interview with Dakota Fanning from Movies Online. She talks about her role in new moon.
MoviesOnline: Speaking of roles, can you talk a little bit about Twilight and the reports that you’ve signed on for New Moon? Have you sealed the deal yet?
Dakota: It’s not 100% yet set in stone but it’s definitely not like totally untrue or a rumor or anything. It’s definitely a possibility and I think it would be really, really fun to be a part of. I’m a big fan of the cast and to join them would be a really great honor and I really hope that it works out and I hope I can give you a definite answer soon.
MoviesOnline: What is it about it that you’re looking forward to most?
Dakota: I think just playing an evil vampire. That’s really cool. So, if I got to do it, that would be probably the most fun part.
Read more here. Thnaks to His Golden Eyes.
MTV also has an interview with Dakota Fanning. 
Explaining why she'd be a good fit for Jane, Dakota added: "We're both pale. ... I don't think they'd have to put a lot of makeup on me if it works out. I'm pretty pale as it is."
And, naturally, since Dakota is a teenage female, we couldn't resist asking the obvious question: If the actress shot a scene opposite heartthrob Robert Pattinson, could she keep herself under control?
"He is very, very cute," she giggled. "But I'm sure I would be.
Read it here.


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