Some stuff

Hye guys. I've missed quite a lot of twilight stuff which I didn't get to post due to my limited online time. Thus, here are some extra stuff for you guys.

First, we have some movie stuff.

twilight is listed in Empire Magazine's Fifty Films that Define 2008. See the list here. posted up an update for new moon's casting news.

Newsarama talks about twilight and relates it to 'elitism, feminism and romanticism'. Read more here.

Here's some stuff on the cast.

InStyle created a guide for you to look like Ashley Greene for less. Of course, all items are noted in USD...

TheImproper reports that RPattz is currently not dating anyone. Any takers?

Hello Magazine is asking your vote for the Most Attractive Man of 2008. RPattz is in the lead, ya'll!! Vote here!


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