Jackson Rathbone Thinks 'New Moon' Will Be 'Pretty Fantastic'

MTV has a new article about Jackson Rathbone. 
"Some movie stars like to make news, while others like to gossip about the news that goes on around them. And then there's stars like the fast-rising Jackson Rathbone, who'd rather just show up, be handed a script and get to work.
"I actually have not read it," Rathbone recently told MTV about the "Twilight" sequel "New Moon" during an exclusive interview — we caught up with him this week for a concert by the actor's side-project band, 100 Monkeys. "They have not yet released the script. So I'm still waiting on that, but I assume it's going to be pretty fantastic."
He has, however, already read "New Moon" and can pinpoint his favorite scene — a pivotal moment that kicks off the story. "There is definitely [a scene I can't wait to shoot]; there's a scene where Miss Bella gets a little paper cut, and it makes me a little hungry," he laughed. "So, I'm very excited to film that."


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