Cinematical's 25 Hottest of 2008!

twilight is listed in Cinematical's 25 Hottest of 2008!

RPattz is at No. 5.

Few can claim a supporting role in the Harry Potter series and then go on to open their own franchise wide and loud once the latest of those films shuffled off their November turf. Center to all this madness is Pattinson, complete with perpetual pout and glittery skin. It's enough to make you trample one another in a San Francisco mall, just to kiss the ground he practically glided over.

Twilight is at No. 3.

The pop culture phenom that put the 'Hot' back in 'Hot Topic,' Twilight (the book, the film and the massive fanbase) created a frenzy not seen since The Great Beanie Baby Stampede of '94. With two more sequels set to hit theaters in 2009 and 2010, the amount of pretend teen vampires living in your community will soon reach an all-time high.

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