G'day twilighters!

Some stuff for ya'll.

The director of new moon has been found!!! According to a report by Entertainment Weekly, Summit Entertainment is about to hire director Chris Weitz (The Golden Compass) to direct the twilight sequel. It's not official yet, though.

Perez Hilton got some twilight stuff for ya'll. Click here.

Details for the twilight DVD has been revealed by twilight director Catherine Hardwicke in an article by MTV, and a vid

RPattz's new movie will be 'Parts per Billion'. Report by MTV Movies Blog, here. He also has 2 new movies out soon, How to Be and The Summer House.

WorstPreviews reports that the remaining twilight movies, new moon, eclipse, and breaking dawn, will be released Saw-style; one movie every year. Cool!!

Team Jacob, listen up!! Rumours are spreading that Taylor Lautner might not be back for new moon!! Read Blast's report here. *UPDATE: Twilight News Blog posted that Michael Copon will be the new Jacob!!!

The Irish Times has a feature on Spunk Ransom. Also, click here for something special, thanks to Robert Pattinson Source.


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