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Hey guys! Now that the twilight movie is over, I think that while we wait for new moon, I'm gonna concentrate on the stars of the movie. Hope that's OK with you guys.

Before that, I'm sure you guys know who is the in the photo above. Yup, it's our beloved hottie vampire, playing painter Salvador Dali in Little Ashes. Click here to view the trailer for that movie. Click here for an alternate link. 

Now, on to more twilight news.

KStew dishes in Teen magazine on how RPattz is the perfect vamp, and has an article up on their site about it. They are also featured on the cover for the mag's winter issue. Check out the photoshoot here.

Also, Teen magazine has an interview with Jackson Rathbone!

RPattz kisses and tells (!!) in an article by

The Press Association has an article up on the London premiere of twilight.

Finally, Reelz Channel has a collection of twilight-related clip, including this one titled 'Wild for twilight'.


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